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November 1-2, 2016

Architects, planners, designers, geographers, and landscape architects are invited to the Geodesign Summit Europe to discuss how this new way of design can help to mitigate the challenges as our world continues to change in unprecedented ways. The 4th edition of this event will bring us back to picturesque Delft with the TU Delft as our local host.

Participants will explore together how they, as geodesign professionals, can incorporate GIS into their discipline to build safer, smarter, and more resilient communities.

The motto of this year’s event, ‘Intercontinental Geodesign’, will emphasize that geodesign as a tool for collaborative planning and design works across scales, disciplines and continents to find solutions that improve our living environment. Facing global challenges as climate change and overpopulation but helped by modern ways of communication and collaboration, geodesign enters a new phase in which it truly can have a global impact. We are looking forward to learn from each other and make this event a success.

November 1-2, 2016

Delft, Netherlands

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