January 27–28, 2016
Esri Headquarters,
Redlands, California


Immerse yourself in two days of inspiring lectures and workshops. At the Geodesign Summit, you’ll hear from an impressive list of keynote and featured speakers who will address the most pressing issues facing the world today and discuss how geodesign can be used to solve them.

Emcee and Moderator

Tom Fisher, Professor of Architecture and Dean of the College of Design, University of Minnesota

Keynote Speaker

Bran Ferren, Chief Creative Officer, Applied Minds
Ferren will speak about the art and science of the imagination and how to organize for innovation.

Featured Speakers

Elliot Hartley, Director, Garsdale Design Limited
The Instant City: Geodesign and Urban Planning
Hartley will discuss how he uses geodesign to look at project workflows in new ways.

Ryan Perkl, Assistant Professor of the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Arizona
Conservation Planning and Geodesign: Landscape Integrity and Connectivity Modeling in Arizona
Perkl will share his research on developing a connectivity linkage assessment for the state of Arizona.

Al Reynolds, US Urban Land Sector Leader, Stanec Consulting Services
Rural Land Stewardship: A Study in Responsible Land Use
Reynolds will speak about how geodesign has helped facilitate collaborative public and private planning processes.

Jen Sheldon, Ecologist and Co-founder, Yellowstone Ecological Research Center
Yellowstone: Ferocious Wild
Sheldon will share her research on developing spatial models for coyote and wolf restoration.

Frederick Steiner, Dean of the School of Architecture, University of Texas, Austin
Bushwick, You’re Beautiful
Steiner will describe how geodesign can elevate our understanding of relationships in our surroundings and enable us to adapt to change.

Carl Steinitz, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning Emeritus, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
A Framework for Geodesign
Steinitz will lead a discussion about his recent book, A Framework for Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design.


Hands-On Workshops

Esri CityEngine 2012: Creating and Maintaining a 3D City Model
Gert van Maren and Geoff Taylor, Esri
van Maren and Taylor teach how to create a 3D city model from GIS data.

Geodesign Charette Using CommunityViz
Doug Walker and Amy Anderson, Placeways LLC Ken Snyder and Brad Barnett, PlaceMatters
Walker, Anderson, Snyder and Barnett will show how to create land-use plans that optimize for performance against key sustainability metrics such as greenhouse gas, water and energy usage, health, and much more.

Applications of Geodesign Methods for Regional Land Management and Brownfields Redevelopment
Brian Bidolli, Executive Director, and George Obeng, GIS Coordinator, Greater Bridgeport Connecticut Council of Governments
Bidolli teaches how to conduct site assessments and identify available brownfield locations for alternative scenario planning to improve employment opportunities while improving the environment. .

Discussion Workshops

A Framework for Geodesign
Carl Steinitz, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning Emeritus, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
Steinitz will show how to use geodesign models to understand, plan, and manage a variety of land-use projects.

An Enterprise Vision for Geodesign
Jim VanOstenbridge, Esri
VanOstenbridge will show how the ArcGIS system can support a number of design workflows.

Scholastic Pioneers: Emerging Best Practices in Geodesign Education
Kelleann Foster, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Penn State University and David DiBiase, Esri
Foster and DiBiase will moderate a panel discussion on the progress being made for geodesign curriculums.

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